Artwork titled “Woman- The Mystical Glory” by artist Lakshmi Ajoy 
In the words of the artist:
A woman is the most aesthetic creation of the Universe. She symbolizes beauty, strength, ambition, endurance, desires, dreams, and aspirations. She is not just a multitasker but also someone who can handle challenges with utmost ease. My mandala is a simple dedication to the power creation of the Universe. 


Artwork titled “Mother’s Embrace” by artist Suneet Madan

In the words of the artist:

The cords are so interconnected for the mother and the child that there is a different symphony altogether that plays out between them. This is one connection where words are not important. Their hearts beat as one. The mother’s lap is the world for her child, full of warmth, love, and a sense of security.


Artwork titled “Mother” by artist Staffy Bhateja

In the words of the artist:
A woman, a mother, is the birth-giver and the nurturer. We owe our lives to our mothers. She is the creator of the entire humanity, and her soul resides in her children. Her progeny is her world. I have depicted this thought in the artwork.