Timeless Moment


At dusk,

The day looked bone tired


With indolent ease,

Birds flapping their wings journeyed homeward


I could hear the gentle footsteps-

A timeless moment, stopping by at my doorstep


My heart skipped a beat as I waited

My ears stuck to the wall, footsteps coming closer


An agonizingly infinitely long wait

For that awe-inspiring knock!


I was astounded by the sheer timeless beauty

Of that ethereal moment


The ensuing calmness

A lull before the storm


I readied myself to grab that moment

To make it just mine, life’s kaleidoscopic panorama


Alas! All too soon that precious moment

Like the morning dew,  it vanished


Without a trace, gone forever

Bewildered I was left, with my uneven heartbeat


Piercing the gnawing silence

Within me!


Bhargavi Ravindra

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