Zircon Moon


Like the radiant amber sun that eternally glows

And the pristine aquamarine of the rivers that ripples and flows


The moments we crocheted with dainty laces

Leaves smudged imprints and faint traces


The tinkling laughter like a thousand silver bells

Which floated in the oceanic breeze as we picked pearly seashells


Every fragment revisits me like it was yesterday

What are festive holidays without your warm embrace and homemade buffet


The mellifluous lullabies that you crooned

The paper boats that we sailed in the monsoon puddles of July and June


You were my rock and pillar once upon a time

You’re in me now, a soul sublime


Inherited from you are my eyes that see the vast sky and green meadows

My voice that sings about the seasons and rainbows


From the arch of my brows, from my tips to toes

You reside in me wherever I go


The stars thrum and twinkle to a celestine music

Is that you playing peekaboo in the sea of diamantine cosmic?


Whenever you cross my mind, I gaze up at the moon zircon

Never did you fade away, always shining bright like my days halcyon.


Sangeetha Kamath