The hope I dreamt of, was a dream,

Just like a Mirage, without a water stream,

It looks like my dreams are going to be accomplished,

But NO, it’s nowhere to be seen.


Now I feel like a Mirage,

From my birth to this age, everything is a facade,

Even emotions seem to be a hallucination,

But NO, pain… pain was always real.


Living in a phantasmagoria, hiding my real version,

Putting on a fake smile, with a turmoil within,

The world seems to be a cinema and a fantasy world,

But NO, fraud, deception and betrayal are always real.


People around me, always enlighten my path,

My colleagues are always there when I face faux pas,

I feel like this world is just like heaven on earth,

But NO, it’s a lie, a chimera and a delusion.


I feel that I have found the end of sorrows,

I have achieved happiness, and nothing to borrow,

My secrets have been locked well enough and perfectly hidden,

But NO, it’s a Mirage… it’s all a Mirage.


Dr. Suboohi Jafar “Aatika”

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