You know you’re in love: A poem by Princess Lubna

My cheeks turning crimson red like a flame
At the mere mention of your name
My heart taking a marathon run at the sight of you
Running away hiding behind doors from you
The tears flowing incessantly not by choice
The minute I hear your loving voice

Overwhelmed with thoughts about you, my love
Choking in emotions laden with selfless love
At times feelings of despair and mindless
My heart swells with your kindness 
The constant fear of losing you, the fright
Thinking about you day and night

Desire to share, impossible to be silent
The dilemma whether to talk or be quiet
To meet or to hide from you
To be happy or remain blue
To forever smile or cry for you
To live with you or to die without you

This divine love, beyond control, sent from above
You know that you’re in love