When I know I am in love with you …!: A poem by Sarala Ram kamal

I never felt your absence nor doubted it
For, if you’re absent, then I am absent from myself

When my eyes yearn to see you, they burn
And paint you in everything they fall upon
I fall silent in a garrulous crowd
And waft along with a clouded head full of you
Accidentally unexpectedly if you come
I go berserk in my head and quiver
I postpone the sleep every night
To stay awake with you; a warmth beneath the skin!
I walk as if lost in a wild wood
Feel sad if someone wakes me up in between
There is joy while I search you
Day after day after day after day…
At times when you come tough and rough
I feel more joy in knowing you, anew
From my deep passion, you start lilting
Across my imagination’s floor; I feel alive
When I know I am in love with you,
dear “Poetry”, I know I am alive!