You are not alone: A poem by Omar Ali

ou are not alone and never can be
Because your soul is always with you
And wherever you go, God is with you
And whatever you do the Angels watch over you…..
No, you are not alone if you, we’re of loving parents
Who cannot forsake you, having cared for you
And school friends who always remember you
Just as the next door lass who simply admires you……
You are not alone when your ego clings to you
 And your pride can never leave you alone
As your ever faithful heart beats  inside you
When your conscious mind tells you what to do…..
 No, you are not alone with the state watching over you
When the tax collector will ever be after you
And problems cannot always set you free
When thirst and Hunger cannot abandon you……
 How can you be alone when birds sing for you
 And your cats and dogs are always around you
When now and then some mortal fear grips you
That the person you love most can leave you!