Daffodils: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacharjee

In springtime, rambling through the English countryside
I admired the radiant fields that glowed with such pride
With zealous steps as I climbed an upland meadow
I was transfixed at the aura of a glorious show
Stood tall a multitude of daffodils amidst the carpet green
A curve of yellow, a blossoming delight, showcasing their mien
They swayed in the breeze under the Greenwoods’ shades
Weren’t those the flowers whose sudden enchantment led Persephone down into Hades?
The trumpet-like flowers surrounded by petals, bent, bent low
The lovechild of spring embedded me with sheen and glow
Their souls slipped forth in fragrance so sweet
How I wished they could tarry and not so soon fleet
Looking at them I admired God and every eternal thing
‘ Beauty is truth, truth beauty ‘ was all that I could sing
Through the dismal, dreary months of cold and gloom
With hope wondrously sublime, they waited for their golden bloom
On the sunkissed ground, I gazed at the beauty of the golden newborn
They awakened my soul with rejuvenation that only daffodils hold
Never had I seen daffodils before, it was an experience so new
I will forever cherish it amongst my treasured few.