You are not alone: A poem by Khushboo Yadav

We came into this world alone.
In pain and miseries, we are left forlorn.

People we meet in life’s journey are our fellow-traveler.
They spend a few moments with us but are not for forever.

Through our love and friendship, we create an illusion.
We enjoy our loved ones’ company and are not left in seclusion.

But wait! There flows the grace of God within us.
Whatever the situation be He showers His bliss.

We are born alone, live alone and die alone.
But the omnipotent Lord always walks with us we have never known.

O’ Parents support us in every hardship.
With them, beautiful and selfless is our relationship.

Though physically our parents and teachers may not be present.
They are always with us if we follow their footprints.

In the company of Mother Nature, we feel peace.
So relaxing and divine is Her bliss.

We can cross all hurdles when Supreme power is with us.
We can fight back however the situation is tough.

Stay calm and confident when you are with Omnipotent.
He saves you and helps you come out of every predicament.