Circle of life: A poem by R. Sharanya

Every living creature has its own start;
Having got to delicately render its part;
For life is a circle with many a stage;
With distinguished duties progressed in age!
Just like a pot emerging from the wet clay;
Innocence filled happiness is the childhood play;
The perfect lapse to rejoice and learn;
Knowledge and wisdom slowly they earn!
Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly;
Steps the enlarged feet with ambitions high;
Balancing and thriving hurdles around;
A period to comprehend the reality round!
Care and affection at the older numbers;
With feelings mixed, the heart ponders;
The age reconciling the older memories;
Longing back toddler life with no worries!
Life is an awesome paradise on earth;
Astounding gift with miracles underneath;
Birth to death is nothing but a circle of love;
With vibrant blessings pouring from above!