You are My Valentine: A Poem by Lalita Vaitheeswaran

There is an aura of happiness everywhere
Fragrance of roses percolating the air
It’s a season of love, a season divine
A time to show one’s love to the Valentine

Cozy cuddles of sweethearts and their blushing cheeks
A day of saying “Yes I do” to those love who seek
Yearning hearts will be together to pine
Hey will you be my beloved Valentine?

Sweet nothings whispered and promises made
Building memories of happiness that would never fade
Indulgence in luxurious gifts and intoxicating wine
Hand in hand go the celebrating Valentines

My Valentine, I search you in the thickets of my dreams
This day, every year, is an eon it seems
You are an elusive illusion, you’re my sunshine
Oh my dear Valentine will you be mine?