Word Power: A poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

During my dreamy college career
I have heard the term Word Power 
In any language words are powerful
They make the language rich and resourceful
Who has command  over vocabulary
Obviously like the boss  rule  they literally
I have heard the term bombastic word
It’s like a well furnished dazzling sword
Oh, God! Like difficult sum it’s very hard to internalize
Yes, power of words we of course recognize
It can bring flood in a dry river even in summer
It can give solace to an issue less but ill-treated mother
A fisherman can sell stale fish if he is a good speaker
A leader can garner support from the mass if he  is an orator
It’s said, close your mouth if no one is interested
Speak good so that your foe can hear you uninterrupted
Hearsay charges  tidings but falls short to  ignite hatred
If one is gutsy enough in keeping words bereft  of  afraid