Carpe Diem: A poem by Azucena Libiran Gonzales

Do you remember the times you put things off
Cram at the last minute, but time run out?
Why not resolve now to start earlier
Than suffer the pain of being sorry later?
Action today, not tomorrow; Carpes Diem!
It wouldn’t do to tarry or to waste time
Life is a forward course of action
So step out of your comfort zone.
Focus on what you want to accomplish each day
With deeper commitment; the price you must be willing to pay
Persist on completing the task at hand
Never jump to the next undertaking, until it’s done.
When needed, be prompt to make adjustment or correction
Give your action a clear purpose and direction
Avoid aimless wandering; seize every opportunity
Make no excuses; be ready to work willingly.
Getting ready for the day is a simple rule
But it is routinely required by many people
To reach your dream, work for it every single day
Carpe Diem!  Life’s short, there’s no day but today.