Woman: A poem by Rohini Penna

Woman! Frailty is thy name
Yet Stronger than your Male counterpart
You’ve proved to be, time and again,
For centuries your voice has been suppressed
Even in the so-called new millennium, till today
The situation, Alas, remains the same!
How many times will you have to prove your worth
In front of a society, that assaults you with ‘crimes of shame’?
How long till a woman, whatever the age or attire, day or night
Will feel safe in the confines of her home
Or when she steps out with her confidence shaken
Each new ‘horror’ still fresh in her sound and sight!
Empower our women all you can
But teach men to respect her empowerment
Until we do that, all our ‘equal status for women’ claims
Will sound hollow and remain merely in the name !!
(Rest in Peace, Priyanka Reddy)