Woman: A poem by Manpreet Chadha

I wish to believe I am a liberated woman
The giver of life, the nurturer, the multifaceted
But my soul gets jolted tattered and shattered
Every time a Priyanka or an Asifa is assaulted

Where are Durgas and Shaktis you worshipped? 
Commodified, desecrated and denigrated?
Yes, that is what perverts have reduced me to
An object to be minced, murdered and gutted

Horrific and horrendous deeds of mucky minds
Leave me aghast, send shivers down my spine
Why are they hell-bent on clipping my wings?
You are born a woman, lady, that is your crime!

The country is unsafe, flee, no I won’t
I’ll fight tooth and nail, I’ll keep the fire alive
Till I defeat misogyny and mend flawed mindsets
Till I ensure for my tribe safety dignity and pride

No, I won’t let winds of change, change their course
Enough of chauvinism, intimidation, subjugation
My striding feet won’t stop and sit at rest
Till I balance the equation and attain true liberation
Till they recognize the worth of the phenomenal woman