My love: A poem by Princess Lubna

For oft, I wonder what is it about you that I love the most
Actually, I love the way you are, to pinpoint only one I am so lost
Your being there for me whenever I need 
I truly feel honored, humbled by this deed
Your sweet innocent smile I so adore
Touches love chords of my heart at the core
Your intense gaze oozing love, melting me
Adoring sparkle in your eyes, mischievous look at me 
Your embracing me in your arms never to let go
I cherish being there however much I forego
Your peck with piety on my forehead softly
A gesture indicating your taking care of me surely
Your passionate kissing on my lips possessively
Making me to succumb to your charms shyly
Your love is the prized possession of my life
I swear to treasure it all my life
True love is sublime, rare, I am the lucky one blessed
A divine feeling, the two hearts in love, magically caressed
Lets promise darling, we will remain the same, as loving as ever 
Selflessly love each other, our prime goal forever!