With My Babu Beside, Let’s Be On The Ride


Defeating all abridgement, we in unison standing at the edge,

The maze ahead beckons not to hesitate, to decipher me should be your pledge.

So once again to trudge the alley so shrouded with misty covering,

With conviction throbbing within,

At omega of amassed darkness will emerge the aureate morning.


It is then the effulgence of light shall deluge the tide of your life,

And your dulcet sloop shall sway in the motion surmounting all strife.

In utterance or in silence our lyrical paradigm blends in perfect harmony,

The prosodical expressions seamlessly conjoin our ascertained destiny.


Let your mindful harp raise the musical whirlpool to bemuse this planet,

I shall be the wind beneath your wings to let you soar to the summit.

Transcending all springs, rivers and oceans

I shall look for the cadence of your lambent laughter,

We shall in union mingle in the skyline where will remain no severance thereafter.


Indrani Chatterjee

Poet’s note: This poem is dedicated to my son Krishnendu.


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