Winter breeze: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

After the iridescent colors of Autumn did fade
The Winter landscape with a simple charcoal sketch was laid
I shivered as the  breeze, a gust of cold, crispy, quivering air
Caressed my wan face, tousled up my hair
Then zipped past me this wisp of the winter breeze
With rhythm and rustling sound it pirouetted in the  boughs of trees
Sitting in our favorite haunt, I faintly heard the once familiar voice
Of a couple who had walked through autumn, still, rejoice
The man held the woman tightly with subtle nuance
Their romantic, poetic love, now replaced by mutual dependence
I gathered myself snugly as some captive moments with throbbing love
Like a sleeping princess of a fairy tale, from slumber woke up
It was the breeze of joy, youth, and love, the spirit of the new wakened heart
How we cuddled together with a promise never to part
As the wild, frosty wind rolled over us, we enjoyed the chill
Drunk with delight, what a thrill we did feel
Now moments hang like frozen icicles along the hem of my heart so battered
And within, a loss takes shape of a deep black crater
Scattered in wistful breaths, memories like melancholy tunes waft

The bleak winter breeze remains a witness to this contrast