Who am I: A poem by Nisha Tandon

 In ambiguous moments I often question my identity

And in introspection seek answers to my perplexity
Who am I? And what is the purpose of my existence
Otherwise lucid thoughts today are shadowed by incoherence

Am I the wind that mellifluously flows unbridled
And at times within me passion is slowly rekindled
I wildly lash out until I take shape of violent storms
But eventually, surrender gently to lulling songs

Or am I the euphoric ripples in the amaranthine oceans
That fight unpredictable tides to make it to the shores
But against its will retrieves with the imperious high waves
And loses its identity though its roar strongly echoes

Perhaps I am the rays of the sun that traverse endlessly
To emblazon the world that was enveloped in gloom
With the bitter winters that vanquished weary souls
But now the warm spring air is fragrant with nature abloom

Am I the unquenchable fire that burns to devour sheer existence
Or the benign Earth that nurtures, heals and seldom retorts
If I am none of these then Who am I?
This perplexing enigma perennially clouds my thoughts