Who am I: A poem by Ankurita Khajanchi

Who am I, to judge you for the wrong!
It is your lyrics and your own song.
Your words and deeds may not always rhyme;
Your emotions might harp, an uncoordinated chime.
I do not know the agony of your brunt, cause I am not Omniscient.

Who am I, to force you to say no or yes!
Decide it for yourself, even if it’s a mess.
You are in the game, keep up your chin;
Face the tribulations, and there you win.
I can’t always be your benefactor, cause I am not the Protector.

Who am I to preach, the best way to live!
All I know is, you get what you give.
Learn and un-learn, create your own clime;
I cannot lessen, the hardship of your grime;
I am not a healer, cause I am not Time. 

I am a being, in a quest to learn;
Avid and ardent, strong but stern;
Simplicity is my goal, for this sojourn.
I have my own vices, my own share of cry;

To compel you to be virtuous, Who am I?