Where eagles dare: A poem by Dr. Gitika Verma

O Mankind! You are destined for greatness
Not to remain fettered by your self-doubts and inhibitions
But to demolish the fear of failure that paralyzes you
And soar high like eagles chasing your dreams and ambitions!
When you’re floundering in the dark bereft of mental strength
Think of mighty eagle whose glorious flight knows no limits
Soaring majestically on the bridge between heaven and earth
With overwhelming strength and beauty, it symbolizes the dauntless spirit!
O Mankind! Haven’t you always been driven by selfish interests?
You have bruised and maimed the mother Earth so ruthlessly
As Nature unleashes its fury, learn from the wise eagle
It flies high yet stays grounded, keeping Nature’s balance healthy!
When the lethal contagion wreaks havoc, bringing death and destruction
You’re not meant to lament, but strengthen yourself and believe
Overthrow your ignorance, greedy lust, and evil hopes
Dare to push your limits, thinking from a selfless perspective!
Relinquish your comfort zone of self-centeredness, soar into unknown realms
Dare to ride on the fierce storms of life
Like an eagle rising high against the violent gale
Gliding in victory through the sky, overcoming the inner strife!
O Mankind! Now is the time to give wings
To the much neglected human values of honesty, love, compassion
For your fellow beings as well as Mother Nature
And let your humanity soar high where the eagles dare!