A shooting star: A poem by Dr. Gitika Verma

Lonely I lie in my bed, wretched and bereft of hope
‘O God! What has become of this world!’ I sigh
Having bruised and maimed the mother Earth ruthlessly
We, humans, are now paying for our inhuman ways!
With brackish water pricking my eyes I gaze out from my window
The life’s existing darkness yearned to quench me
When a tiny sparkle of glittering magic scintillating through the galaxy
Illuminated the charcoal grey skies!
A celestial wonder! That kindled love and positivity with its divine charms
Gorgeously dripping hope into my crestfallen soul
This God’s handiwork uplifted my numbed spirits
Chasing away the dark clouds of hopelessness and despair!
Gawking at this magical gift from heaven
I am reminded of God’s existence and his divine mercies
‘Stop worrying, wait patiently!’ I felt I heard him whisper
And with tears trickling down my eyes I pray for miraculous healing!
This luminous speck of light in the dark sky is ephemeral
Yet it holds dreams, hope and promises galore
We humans too should shed our avarice, evil hopes, and selfishness
And in these dark times let our humanity shine through!