When a Baby Smiles: A Poem by Shilpa Chakrabarti

Like dawn, breaking through the tuft of clouds,
Bidding farewell to the night to paint the sky vermillion;
That bright smile with sparkling eyes
Can cast spells over millions….

The cheeks, with pearly gloss and crimson touch,
With dimples, as if soft creamy puddles,
Priceless, but win the hearts,
Unabashed, crossing all hurdles.

That smile, like a soft breeze under a tree,
On long hot afternoon of summer-
Or feels, like a cup of warm coffee,
On a rainy evening, after supper.

An innocence-laden charm, so pure and divine,
So warm that can melt the hardest of hearts,
Mighty enough, to turn a devil into monk:
Just a cherubic smile, that a sacred soul imparts…..