A Song For You: A Poem by Shilpa Chakrabarti

With my palm across my cheek and eyelids shut,
I love to hear what you recite;
With hues of imaginary world my eyes fill,
Enamoured every time, my mind yearns to write!

Me, an amateur in the sea of poetic exponents!
You are, certainly, adept in this art.
A bond that we share is quite unconventional,
Else, we are miles away, and poles apart.

A sonnet, a couplet, or a rhyme-
I wish to pen (if I can), a song for you;
The way I’m taken away from the crowd, by your aura,
Can my song ever dare to steal you?

A song unwritten, unsung, just to thank you-
And, make you proud of me.
Let people know, I was a pebble lying in dust,
You are the one who shaped my destiny.

Let the world learn, my friend,
that you are the strength behind me.
I shall remain indebted to you,
Without you, I could have never been me.