Warmth of Your Smile: A Poem by Preeti Bawa Talwar

As dawn breaks, crepuscular rays gently warm the room,
Your smile, a radiant sun, dispels any morning gloom.
It stirs the cockles of my heart, a joyful start to the day,
Like sunbeams weaving through trees, in a graceful ballet.
Your smile’s embrace uplifts me, especially on darker days,
 A beacon of light amidst life’s bewildering maze.
 It’s worth more than a million, a treasure pure and clear,
A masterpiece of warmth and joy that always draws me near
In that tender curve of lips, stories untold reside,
A language of love and kindness,  impossible to hide.
 Each glance of that million-dollar smile,
A gift so dear,
Filling life’s canvas with hues of hope and cheer.