War and peace: A poem by Nisha Tandon

 Inebriated with conflicts when the enemies encounter

The outcome is a war which is an irrevocable disaster

Nations take forever to rebuild and restore their peace

As a war leads to nothing but profound grief

They rave on incessantly but innocents pay the price

Hatred overshadows the soldiers’ supreme sacrifice

An everlasting impact is left behind by horrendous sights

As wars remain an abuse to the victims’ human rights

Bravehearts fall on battlefields and entire humanity mourns

All that is left behind are tear stricken faces and jaded souls

Grieving families are torn apart for reasons unknown

As seeds of revenge in ingenuous hearts are sown

Violence results in nothing but fear and anxiety

One needs to advocate humaneness and make it a priority

The world is in dire need of healing touch and harmony

And make Peace the universal language of humanity

Waiting for this humanity from shrouds of enmity to unveil

To embrace compassion and allow peace to eventually prevail

Any acts of violence and destruction we must completely abhor
The only message to mankind must be “Spread peace not war”