Mystical universe: A poem by Princess Lubna

Often in my dreamland, I find myself with my beloved 
It’s a wonderful world of ecstasy
Truly a magical place of glittering fantasy
With him, my wanderlust soul flies merrily amidst the skies

Beyond the brightest stars basking below the descending stardust
The particles falling softly on my smiling radiant face
Like a million minuscule love drops 
I glide swiftly in a euphoric state of bliss 

Dancing in the air to the mystical tunes of the universe
Carried by the whistling love winds 
The essence of love travels way beyond the cosmos
Distinctly defined as the divinity in serenity

Blessed are the ones, who are in love
Pristine pure love, elevating their souls
Soulmates are true mates, who promise to be together

Supreme love, ecstasy in their hearts uniting them forever