War and peace: A poem by Neha Gupta

The earnest war between her dreams and her duties
Often broke out to leave her shattered to pieces and bits.
The childhood dream of becoming a dancer wouldn’t allow her to rest,
No matter how hard she tried, her cries were too loud to be ignored.
Her life was a dream to the world, but she dreamt of a different world,
The legend was calling her to conquer her fears rooted deep.
Those dominating fears, for many years, robbed her of her serenity,
Crushed by the weight of it, her soul screamed for some agility.
Those surrendering thoughts to her dreams often won by her responsibility,
The feeling of sacrifice would infuse the false sense of peace and tranquility.
She would pat her back for overcoming her desires to become a responsible woman,
Until she listened to her heart and; became a victim of war within.
Hostile to the anxiety of the war broken now and then,
Her peace was caged, fluttering its wings to be free again.
She had to decide; longing for peace, she needed to cease the war,
The hidden courage showed up and guided her to follow her heart.

Refusing anymore to be the slave of the circumstances,

Guided by the stars, she was ready to take her chances.

Her soul could breathe as the war conflicted within was ceased,

She became worthy of the peace, a reward only the brave can get.