Unyielding Paternal Grace: A Poem by Glory Neeraj

Blessed father’s tender embrace,
A fortress of strength, unyielding grace.
In life’s tempests, unwavering he stands,
Love’s lighthouse guiding us to distant lands.
His wisdom, a celestial compass of light,
Illuminating paths, banishing the night.
In his presence, hearts find solace and rest,
A sanctuary of peace, where fears are caressed.
Silent tears, like pearls, he gently sweeps,
Whispering courage, when the soul weeps.
His words, potent elixirs, heal the scars,
Igniting hope’s flame, dispelling despair’s bars.
With each step we take, his spirit prevails,
A symphony of love, triumphs and unveils.
His legacy, an indelible mark on our souls,
Infinite gratitude, as our story unfolds.
Oh, blessed father, source of inspiration true,
Your unwavering love, forever we pursue.
In your embrace, we find strength and grace,
A beacon of light, illuminating life’s race.