The Inked Sentiments: A Poem by Glory Neeraj

Memories etched on paper’s gleam,
A postcard, a vessel of a distant dream.
In hues of sepia, tales unfurl,
Postage of longing, across the world.
Fingers trace the lines, with tender care,
Words inked with love, suspended in air.
Postcard whispers secrets, untold,
Stories of wanderlust, yet to unfold.
A window to a moment frozen in time,
Journeys captured in every rhyme.
From sandy shores to snow-kissed peaks,
Each postcard holds the heart’s mystique.
The stamp of a place, a foreign land,
A traveler’s soul, forever in command.
The postman carries souls on his back,
Delivering echoes, never to lack.
In tear-stained ink, emotions confined,
Love’s embrace, sentiments entwined.
From afar, a message finds its way,
Across oceans, through nights and day.
Postcard, a witness to life’s fleeting bloom,
A treasure chest of hope, amidst the gloom.
Postmarks tell tales of longing and glee,
Binding hearts, bridging reality.
Through time’s passage, they find their home,
In attic boxes, they ceaselessly roam.
Each postcard a chapter, a piece of art,
A testament to love, etched in the heart.
With fragile edges and stories to share,
Postcards breathe life into the air.
A symphony of emotions, strong and true,
Forever preserved, a bond that grew.
Come cherish these whispers in ink,
These postcard memories, they make us think.
For in these fragments, a world is revealed,
Where love and longing are forever sealed.