Unshackled: A Poem by Latha Warrier

To soar high and for our wings to spread,
Our minds need to be unshackled.
With no restrictions imposed,
And no boundaries attached.
Free from chains that bind,
The weight of burden left behind.
No longer held by fear or doubt,
Unshackled, we can move about.
With a heart that is light, with spirit that soars,
Breaking free from all the wars,
That holds down, and keeps us low,
Unshackled, we can now let go.
The sun shines brighter, the sky is blue.
The world’s alive with a different hue.
Breathing in deep, feeling the air.
Unshackled, life is now so fair.
No longer bound by what’s been done,
Unshackled, a new life has begun.
With every step, with every breath,
Feeling free to live, with no more distress.
Unshackled, now feeling alive,
With every moment, we will thrive.
For nothing to hold us down,
Unshackled, we wear the crown