My Life: A Poem by Shashi Dhar Kumar

In the tapestry of my life, a tale unfolds,
A journey woven with colors, both bright and bold.
Through ups and downs, I’ve walked this earthly plane,
Seeking purpose, chasing dreams, through joy and pain.
My life, a canvas where moments are etched,
Embracing challenges, never once feeling bereft.
With each passing day, a legacy takes shape,
For in the hearts I touch, memories will drape.
Through trials faced and battles won,
I find inspiration beneath the setting sun.
In the depths of my soul, a fire burns bright,
Igniting dreams and pushing me to new heights.
Oh, sweet spirit that resides within,
Guide my steps, let me dance and spin.
With courage as my compass, I navigate the unknown,
Unfolding wings of passion, with every dream I own.
Though storms may come, and shadows cast their veil,
I find solace in the belief that I shall prevail.
For the spirit within me, an eternal flame,
Fuels resilience, and from ashes, I shall reclaim.
In this symphony of life, may my melody be heard,
A song of triumph, an anthem undeterred.
My life, my legacy, an offering to the world,
A testament of strength, love, and dreams unfurled.
So, let my footsteps leave imprints on this earthly sod,
For my spirit, my inspiration, rises and nods.
In the tapestry of existence, I’ll weave my art,
Leaving footprints of love, etched upon every heart.