Two Universes…: A poem by Neha Gupta

 The chaos of the party was fuelled, as the night advanced,
Wealth and new acquisitions were celebrated.
Empty words of congratulations were uttered, with a bow.
Envied eyes had long back mastered the art of putting on a compassionate show.
As they depart, their burdened hearts were shoved, with more heaviness.
The ones whose success envied others managed happiness for a while.
Others considered themselves as losers and loathe in self agony.
The night was a long one for them, and peace was a distant dream.
They spent their evening with the finest dining and toast to success.
Yet the stars seemed to question their richness to their sleepless eyes.
A cozy, comfy room anybody would die for; was theirs.
Yet to have some sleep, pills were required.
On the distant footpath somewhere by an abandoned road
A family of four managed to wrap their torn blankets around,
To sustain the cruelty of the blow of northern wind with frosty hands.
Their efforts froze when sleep crawled away from the corner of their eyes.
How they wish they had a place by the fire with a soft futon
A plate full of food, a bag full of penny and coin
Two different universes in one world, spending sleepless nights 

 One wishes for some peace to sleep, other wishes for some place to sleep.