True Sportsmanship

When I was a kid and I hopped,
My parents jumped with joy, imagining I would top
Slowly but steadily, polio crept within,
Paralyzing my limbs, like a boat sunken
I challenged its verdict, stood strong, toiled hard,
Varun Bhati, champion high jumper, says my card!

Mariyappan Thangavelu my name, Padma Shri precedes it,
When I was five, a bus driver severed my leg and, my life with it
People laughed and that mockery I treasured,
Turning it into inspiration, hearts I conquered
With one leg, I jumped so high,
Entire world bowed down, hearing my war cry!

I was a beauty queen with heels, and an ace swimmer,
Life jolted me out of reverie, and made me a wheel chair bearer,
I woke myself up, ‘Motivation’ my key,
Shotput I held, became an Arjuna awardee!
Deepa Malik , my name, wheels of my chair never stop,
Keep going, push yourself, anxieties you must drop.

Sports has the power to pull one out
Never brood on inadequacies, stand out
Hard than harder, Yes, try again
Chains of destiny in your favor, shall smile again!

Dr. Shweta Mathur Lall