Jump with Joy

The sky was cloudy,
The wind blew softly,
The flowers were smiling happily,
The butterflies were also dancing in glee.

The raindrops wanted to touch the ground,
She heard a thundering sound,
She loved getting wet in the rain,
She enjoyed the rain forgetting all the pain.

Suddenly it started raining,
She jumped with joy and started singing,
She came out to get wet under the open sky,
She got wet in the rain and started jumping high.

It seemed she was eagerly waiting for the rain,
She wanted to have fun again,
The child within her was still alive somewhere,
She used to get very thrilled when raindrops touched her.

Life is all about forgetting sorrow and lament,
And enjoying every moment,
Jump with joy whenever you get a chance,
Opportunities in life don’t always come by chance.

Deepti Shakya

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