Treasured in My Heart: A Poem by Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

Morning starts with rays of sun filtered through the sheets,
Splashing water on my face, as I open the door,
the chirping birds say good morning in sweet tweets,
I await and ponder, what gift of mother nature is in store?
Seagulls sing in sonorous voices as ocean waves greet,
Sands serenades the fatigued feet in musical rhapsody,
Watching the summer symphony in the form of sunset is a treat,
Melting amber hues in the horizon with alacrity!
When I cry, nature with raindrops creates a rhythmic affair,
Thunderous storms accompanied with lightning,
Teaches me to preserve the gifts with utmost care,
Or face consequences frightening…
Chasing the butterflies under the canopy of trees,
Watching the mountains in the graceful pose,
Dancing in ecstasy with the whistling breeze,
Invigorating is the perfume emanating from the red rose..
Lost in the fragrance blending with the zephyr,
As the silvery moon lulls me to sleep with a lullaby,
Fireflies encircling, igniting my soul with fire,
With the gifts treasured in my heart, I wave the night goodbye!