Raindrops: A Poem by Dr. Suboohi Jafar “Aatika”

Pitter, patter, plop plop,
A soothing melody of the raindrops,
A lullaby of nature, a precious gift,
Bringing joy and wonder, as our boat drifts.

Petrichor, the fragrance of freshness and life,
Like a bouquet of flowers, a breath of strife,
Nourishing the earth, quenching the thirst,
Bringing life to the barren, just like a glimmer of light.

Traveling a long distance, may be kilometres to miles,
They reach our courtyard, dancing with the rhyme,
Washing away all the sorrows, bringing new hope and good luck,
Giving us a reason to move forward, and to strive.

Giving a gentle touch, raindrops heal our soul,
Embracing us in purity, nature asks us to move towards our goal,
So let the raindrops wash away all the fears,
Put up a sweet smile, wipe away the tears.