Tranquil Escapes: The Enchanting Serenity of South Goa’s Silver Sands

On my recent trip to Goa, I found myself drawn back to the serene shores of South Goa for the second time this year, merely a fortnight apart. As I reflected on my experiences, I couldn’t help but notice a stark contrast between the beaches of the North and South. Unlike the golden sands of the North, the beaches of South Goa boasted a different allure altogether. Here, the sands shimmered like silver under the sun, possessing a fine texture that seemed almost ethereal.

If you are a person looking for some serenity and ‘me time’ during your vacation then this part of Goa is your go-to place. Unlike their Northern counterpart, these beaches are less congested by tourists, markets selling knick-knacks and beachside shacks. As a result, not only are these sands much cleaner but also comparatively bereft of noisome activities including water/adventure sports and vendors pestering you to buy their wares.

The area boasts of the newly renovated Dabolim International Airport with beautiful figurines installed beside the escalators in the departure area adding to its special attraction. It took us around forty minutes to reach our destination at Marjorim Beach- a beautiful seaside resort with huge lawns, charming décor and direct access to the beach through its back gate. However, what enchanted me during my back-to-back visits to Goa was something beyond its scenic beauty.

When you are not rushing around visiting tourist attractions of a place or indulging in unnecessary shopping sprees, you tend to spend more time interacting with people around you. And this is exactly what I did during my stay in Goa. My best interactions were with the hotel concierge, restaurant chefs and the serving staff of both resorts. Surprisingly, at both places, none of the serving staff came from nearby places. Young men and women who waited upon the guests during busy meal hours mostly hailed from the North-eastern states. Some of them were from Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and even Himachal Pradesh. The state has become a microcosm of the entire country.

My most memorable conversation was with a security guard on duty at the back entrance of the hotel next to our resort. As we strolled along the beach, we were intrigued by the hotel’s exterior and decided to ask the guard a few questions about it. His mannerisms and accent immediately indicated that he wasn’t a local, and this was confirmed when I read his pocket nameplate, which read “Ashok Kumar.”

Ashok ji kahan se hain aap?” the question automatically tumbled out of my mouth.

Ashok Kumar, originally from Ballia district in Uttar Pradesh, had been working in Goa for the last six years. During our conversation, he shared an interesting observation about the people of Goa, describing them as simple, fun-loving individuals who maintain an unwavering faith in the essential goodness of people.

Ashok Kumar remarked, “In our parts of the country, we may not have a hundred rupees in the bag we leave behind in our room, yet we will not forget to put it under lock and key. Here they don’t like to put locks on their doors. Whenever they go out, they simply bolt the front door.” Such is their faith.

While seated on the silver sands one evening, observing the sun’s descent into the deep blue sea, I witnessed a remarkable scene. A man strolled along the beach with his wife, their pet dog, and, last but not least, their buffalo. It was a beautiful display of harmony among different beings. All in all, if you are looking forward to a place ‘far from the Madding Crowd’, these serene beaches of South Goa are your ultimate destination.

Dr. Sonika Sethi