Tolerance: A poem by Subhashchandra B Adhav

We dig your chest, we blast your heart
In the fit of our so-called development smart
We pile up stones and make heaps of soil
And make all possible turmoil
With commendable endurance
Mother Earth shows noble tolerance
She puts up with our selfish performance
Tolerant she is the epitome of forbearance
Our craze for edifice and surrounding fountains
To satiate it we don’t hesitate to raze mountains
What an irreparable loss to ecosystem
We always ignore Mother Earth esteem
Rivers are precious and they make rush through your veins
But we pollute them and their conservation in vain
Dried and spoilt are brooks
As if we damage pages of Nature’s book
We destroy your lungs like green forests
Damaging them we’re after comfort and rest
Mother Earth! Noble is your tolerance
Salute to your endurance and forbearance!!