Tolerance: A poem by Sheela S. Iyer

Blasts and hatred talked about these days
“Have peace and love lost their way?”
Conflicts can be resolved by way of tolerance
Conflicts can be resolved without violence
Tolerance can be an asset; it can also act as a liability
The choice is ours to bring in peace and tranquillity.
Opinions and behavior may differ
Endurance and patience will make your path easier.
Anger can be triggered even with a slight spark or ignite
Tolerance, on the other hand, is an inner voice, let that be bright
It is not a loan that can be borrowed and blown
It is an inner guide, a treasure that is our own.
When a camel staying in a desert can tolerate;
Why do we hold and stay in hate?
Tolerance increases immunity to deal with situations
 It has the power to transform even a bitter relation.
Tolerance and silence go together
It has the power to fade anger.
Anger is like a sword raised for violence
Tolerance is like a coolant when it binds with silence.