To my mother: A poem by Sampurna Chatterjee Ganguly

How can I adorn you mom with words?
You are indescribable, my epithets fall short,
You were there when my tiny steps toddled,
You were there when my effort to speak babbled,
Your joy in each of my learnings was pure,
I can see your that shining face though it’s been yore. 
The smell of your hair, the smile in your eyes,
Are precious to me as a jewel, to have them I can go a thousand miles.

Now, after so many years, that time has come to me,
When I can see a tiny heart becoming joyous and spree,
To hold my hand, to rest in my lap,
I can see that “tiny I ” after a decades gap. 
I try to give all my best to nurture this li’l one as you did to me,
I know from somewhere you smile in glee,
To look your that tiny girl as a responsible and busy mother,
Your face shines as before, for me, you still say a prayer.
I know the glowing polestar is indeed my mom,
To guide me always, to make me unworried and calm,
I don’t know how to become a mother like you,
But I know you will teach me this too somewhere from the blue.