Time Travel: A Poem by Latha Warrier

Reminiscing precious moments, a journey unfolds,
Through corridors of ages, a tale retold.
Whispers of yesterday, a symphony to grasp,
Embarking on the voyage, through time’s elusive clasp.

A portal to the past, where echoes persist,
Footprints of yesteryears, where memories exist.
Chronicles rewritten, in the dance of the spheres,
A kaleidoscope of eras, dispelling ancient fears.

In the shadow of history, where destinies entwine,
A chance to amend, a narrative to redefine.
Yet, caution echoes in the chambers of the mind,
For altering the past, a paradox to find.

The clockwork of moments, ticking in refrain,
A dance with echoes, where nostalgia wanes.
Time travel’s embrace, a dance with fate,
A journey to the past, where echoes resonate.