All I Want for Christmas is You: A Poem by Garima Sudan Kapoor

All I want for Christmas is you,
Nothing can be as precious for me other than you!
Christmas with you will be a time to celebrate happiness,
Sharing joys, peace and a lot of kindness.
Whether we have little or more,
The smile you bring opens the door
of sparkling stars on a Christmas tree that shines with such brightness,
Small decorations that tell us about being contented in small ways of happiness.
Red ribbons tied on the Christmas tree reflect uniting everyone in joys and sorrows by showing love,
Gifts around the tree that reminds us
life is a gift given to us by God and we should show him our gratefulness.
God has given me the most precious jewel that I can celebrate everyday,
Still wondering who it is? It’s you!
Doesn’t matter if it’s a bright or grey day.
All I want for Christmas is you.
No moment can be beautiful for me other than being with you!