Threads of desire: A poem by Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

The dissipating silent night, enraptured my senses..
Under the dim lantern lights and dangling sweet bougainvillea dreams, I lay subdued..
The chilly winds whispering in the frozen ears..
The cascading half-baked desires burning in the backyard..
The chit-chats along the desolate fire..
Where passion reached a new level, manifesting inadvertently..
The iconic sensuous touch, casting of your harsh, unforgiving look..
I was your epicenter, the flights of imagination that we took..
I was racked up with your insurgent thoughts..
That drifted me afloat, the rippling water of desires, my mind was overwrought..
With wrinkled face in the winter of our life..
Let’s dissolve the barriers, weed out the difference and petty strife..
Let’s espouse the liberal values of love again..
Let’s rekindle the simmering emotions again..
Let’s refract our relationship rays via the prism of love again..
Let’s elevate our vision and submerge the litany of false aspersions again..
Let’s relive the hidden desires and bask in an eternal divinity..