Those things I love about you: A poem by Kelechukwu Samuel Ojile

Are the wonders of your works
The endless greenery, blues and hues
(Walking the woods or watching the beach)
That escalates my spirit to sing
Every time I think of you, God of Love
Are the poultry when the first cock crows
And the evening time, watching scarecrows
(Did I mention flamingos in the Brooks?)
Seven more reasons why I love you–
Every time I’m convinced, “God is Love”
Over the bridges are ridges of heaven
Growing plants quickly and harvesting soon
(Clouds have this way of kissing and parting)
Even as silver linings paints into clear sky
Those smiling, those warlike, those divinely shaped
I love most that, you love me the most
Encapsulate me as a sword in a sheath
(I know I’m not worthy and I repeat failures)
But I’m most taking and fooled by lures
From neath my desires and above my dreams
Refine me with fire Lord, and be my alloy
That I may Love you even more and more