Live your dream: A poem by Sujatha Sairam

I don’t talk but my lips part, 
I close my eyes and make a wish. 
My thoughts are really big
But life is short and frail,
How do I go about fulfilling my dreams?
It will all be over before I bid adieu, 
I must strive to reach out for the stars. 
Seeing me in a turmoil, 
My inner voice thus spake-
Live your dreams. 
You needn’t speak out your mind to others, 
But they are just right to be put down on paper. 
Let them freely flow on paper, 
Take the form of wonderful verses from your heart.
Affirm it strongly to yourself-
They are big enough to carve a niche for you. 
So go ahead and pursue your endeavors 
With a never give up attitude.