The Wandering Heart: A Poem by Anindita Mazumdar

Always resided in my heart,
even long after you left.
Tried to find you amongst the crowd,
love and hope bereft.
Sauntered slowly alleys and lanes,
once we ambled there.
Lovebirds smiling hand in hand,
blissfully strolled in pair.

Lanes and bylanes all the same,
the houses all intact.
You’re no more there with me,
and that’s the saddest fact.
Dismally, asked to leave forever,
since, couldn’t bear the pain.
Perhaps, you loved, but belonged never,
the thought just drove insane.

A nameless bond that tore me apart,
shattered from inside.
Complete retreat distanced wholly,
seeked to run and hide.
Forgive me for what I did that,
stifle me even today.
Loved you then and now, forever,
and in my heart you stay.