The Photograph: A Poem by Beena Menon

With wrinkled hands and round reading glasses on,
She pulled out the dusty half torn albums
Stored away carefully in the shaky wooden cupboard.
Delicately she flipped through her childhood photographs
Bringing back a wealth of cherished memories;
Photographs that showcased times of laughter,
Merry, mirth, and shenanigans
But then her trembling hands fastened the pace
Of scanning through those photographs;
Anxiously searching for that only photograph
When together they were seen in one frame
Even today decades after, when she laid hands;
On “The Photograph”, she so dearly treasured
Her heart skipped a beat, her eyes glowed up
For he was her heartthrob, her very first love
Unaware he was, of this adoration, this fondness
For in secrecy she prized it in her heart!!