The untold story: A poem by Beena Arjun

The incessant pounding of her heart echoed her ears
A cloud of darkness drew curtains across her eyes;
A cold chill played roller-coaster on her spine,
Yet her palms were dripping in sweat
The earth beneath seemed to be caving in
As she stood to face the crowded hall,
Filled with enthused ears and notes to pen
Her Untold Story, to the world to be revealed.
The dark secret that was dug and buried,
Deep down in her heart never ever to be unveiled
But today she felt she owed it to the little souls,
To let them know her Untold Story, her life’s dark secret
For she knew her revelation could invigorate many lives,
Diffident and frightened to identify; those demons, those monsters
Overpowered by lust; preying on the weak, defenseless young
And displaying a façade of humility
Determined she was to take the courageous move

To unfold many stories that stay Untold!!