The teacher: A poem by Banani Sikdar

Right from the comfy cradle, to the days discernible, 
Life is like a graduated jar of lessons invaluable.

Parents taught me many lessons mostly through their behavior, 
A gripping anchorage, a guaranteed shelter, to unwind in rough weather. 
Virtues of love and sacrifice, help and respect, trust and confidence, 
Are the supreme heirlooms I am entitled to, as a rich inheritance. 

Teachers of standards primary to high school and beyond,
Have their glorious imprints of influences, still profound.
They kindled the flame of Education, the steadfast precursory,
To maneuver my life’s voyage, with a meaningful trajectory.

Genuine friends were  true counsels at the stage of frivolity,
They ensured fun and competition healthy, saving incongruity.

Family and relations are the best optic reflectors,
If I have learned discretion or I am a snobbish trumpeter. 

To top it all, Life itself is a shrewd taskmaster,
Tossing me in tempests and coved shores in equal measure.
To test my stock of tenacity, courage, resilience, and perseverance, 
To teach me that, success and trials are default occurrences. 

I mustn’t single out anyone as “The Teacher” for reference, 

Each one, with an indelible mark, is my chosen preference.